It is with a full stomach, and a beaming smile that I sit here reminiscing about Farm Vigano. Sure, I only ate there about an hour ago, but god it was the best meal I’ve had in years (sorry mum!).

This restaurant has been built within the original home of the Vigano family. When you walk through the door, you are literally being welcomed into a home. It’s nothing flash; wooden tables and chairs, big open windows and dim lighting at night. Curtains trace the entrance to the kitchen, where chefs quickly prepare plates of paradise. There is a slight price for this buzzed yet homely vibe; the actual price. Although decent servings, meals range from $18-40. The Italian wine list also adds to the cost. A mixture of background music and the voices of exciting patrons gave this restaurant an awesome vibe. One might even say it had the myth of Italian food all figured out.

Being the carb lover I am, I couldn’t help but get a Margherita Pizza. My mother instead opting for Anglototti Con Cavolo Nero. And of course, we tried dessert  Bigne di San Giusepe. My nose wasn’t overpowered but as I caught their scent, my anticipation to dig in only built. No description will do these dishes justice (so here are some photos).

Farm Vigaro is different to many Italian restaurants. I wasn’t hit in the face with strong flavour (or salt for that matter), instead the subtle flavours seemed to linger in my mouth, guaranteeing a return visit. Farm Vigano fits perfectly into the Slow Food Movement. On a personal scale, I see the simplicity yet deliciousness of this food as a reflection of the healthy lifestyle I try to lead. For me, eating fresh food, not only fits into being a vegetarian, but into being part of the health and fitness movement of the 21st century.


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